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We specialize in the production of environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient wood pellets which are a sustainable, green alternative for your heating needs.

Premium Quality

Home Grown Wood Pellets

At Appalachian Wood Pellets, we sell only the highest quality, 100 percent hard wood premium grade, environmentally friendly pellets to heat your home.

We currently offer wood pellets, manufactured and delivered in bulk. By handling fuel in 40 lb bags, process time, extra packaging and handling is reduced. By creating less waste and process time, we’re able to deliver quality wood pellets in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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Wood Pellets in Bag

Why Choose AWP

Find out what makes our pellets different.

How do wood pellets affect the environment?

If you’re concerned with the number of trees being cut down in our country each year, Appalachian Wood Pellets are a great product for you. Our raw materials come directly as by-products of our partner’s hard wood lumber. We utilize what used to be a waste product and use 100 percent of what comes from the forest.

What are hardwood wood pellets?

Simply put, wood pellets are made by combining leftover chips and sawdust from various types of hard wood lumber. The leftover bits of lumber are first transferred to chippers and hammer mills where they are refined to a consistent size. From there, they are dried and pressed through dies at high pressure to form pellets. These pellets are great alternatives to traditional heat sources in that they’re all natural and affordable.

The Benefits of Pellets

Clean-burning and renewable home heating alternative.

What makes Appalachian Wood Pellets so unique is that we partner Allegheny Wood Products, a producer of high-quality hard wood lumber, to retain their left over wood chips and sawdust pieces for use in the manufacturing of wood pellets. The bark is used to dry the wood fiber so nothing is wasted. Meaning, our processes are not only efficient, but they keep your purchasing costs down.

If you burn 1 ton of wood pellets, you will replace approximately 120 gallons of heating oil, 170 gallons of propane or 4,775 kWh of electricity. That adds up to a lot of savings! What’s more, burning wood pellets is cleaner than organic decomposition in the forest because wood pellets are considered carbon neutral.

The benefits are extensive—from cost to environment, wood pellets are quickly becoming consumer’s choice for heating.

Carbon Neutral

Easy to Store & Transport

Renewable & Sustainable

Clean & Scalable

Energy Dense

Low Cost

1 ton of wood pellets = energy of 2.8 barrels of #2 fuel oil

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