Wood pellets are excellent alternative sources of heat for multiple reasons:

  • Cost – When you replace your oil heat with wood pellets, you could save up to $680 per year
  • Environment – You’ll produce less CO2 than standard heating practices. What’s more is that our wood pellets are manufactured from sustainably harvested wood.
  • Local – All our wood pellets are harvested from the United States—easing America’s reliance on foreign fuels and increasing jobs in the U.S.


If you burn 1 ton of wood pellets, you will replace approximately 120 gallons of heating oil, 170 gallons of propane or 4,775 kWh of electricity. That adds up to a lot of savings!

What’s more, burning wood pellets is cleaner than organic decomposition in the forest because wood pellets are considered carbon neutral.

The benefits are extensive—from cost to environment, wood pellets are quickly becoming consumer’s choice for heating.